Billie Zizi

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Sasquatch Gathering , Rangeton

Billie Zizi grew up surrounded by music and started her first band at age seven called The Rotten Socks. Billie Zizi and her two best friends played concerts, had promotional photo shoots and wrote singles such as “Old People Cryin' by the side of the Noodle River”, “Stinkin' up the Highway” and “How dare you Bob”. They grossed a total of five dollars and fifty nine cents. Since then Billie Zizi has continued her musical journey in an entirely nomadic fashion, her migratory tendencies spanning West Africa, South Asia, Europe and Canada. Upon her return to Canada in 2010 Billie Zizi attended Grant Macewan university to study music. Conjoining jazz influenced vocal lines with folk lyrics she is “A nuclear fission of calculated folk and meandering jazz sensibilities”-Joe Gurba

“Her voice will lull you into a dream and wake you with the sweetest sounding alarm clock.”-One Man Band Festival

“Last night's show with Jordan Billie Zizi-The tunnel song was so beautiful and moving. A totally unforgettable experience.”-Julie Rohr Rice “With a honed in trickling jazz folk not unlike early Feist, Billie Zizi has carved a little cubby to tuck away the simple truths & admissions.”-Argue Job